We do not have to acquire the social security number to complete the form.  The church’s insurance is secondary, while the families personal insurance is primary.  If the family has no insurance, the church’s insurance would be primary.  The condition for church coverage must include that we have a church sanctioned event and follow acceptable activities only (some activities are permissible but cost extra).  We send the partial or completed form to

Here are the instructions the Conference gives.

  1. Upon the event of an injury, see that appropriate emergency medical care is provided immediately.
  2. The church/pastor would need to fill out a claim form  and then return the completed claim form back to the conference office so the claim can be filed with insurance company or the church can notify Adventist Risk Management (1-888-951-4276) immediately and directly to open a claim.  The claim form should not be given to the hospital to fill out. We need to initiate the claim immediately when the loss occurs.  
  3. The process is to file a claim with insurance.  The insurance company will then issue an acknowledgement letter.  This letter  includes the name and contact information of the claims examiner.  The claimant may contact the claims examiner to check the status of the claim and to ask any questions they may have.
  4. Avoid making statements such as, "We'll take care of everything." Instead, say.  We'll report this injury to our insurance company, and they'll be in touch with you."
  5. There may be questions as to what is covered.  Those questions need to be directed to the claims examiner/department as they are the experts of what will be covered and what is not.  

Here is a link from the ARM website for FAQS about filing claims.


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