Proclaim setup

  • Update file name in text box at top left to reflect the upcoming Sabbath school and church service date: for example, "Streaming  2-27-2021"
  • Below the text box, click the calendar icon to show the upcoming Sabbath school and church service date
  • Update the "Prayer family of the week" slide to the current family name taken from the current bulletin
  • Update the "Prayer Meeting" slide show the current Prayer Meeting description take from our watch page; click the calendar icon in the upper center to show the upcoming prayer meeting service date
  • Sabbath School song
    • Double space between verses and chorus
    • Update the verse line to match the number of verses and the chorus placed after each verse if there is a chorus
  • Praise and prayer song
  • Opening song
  • Scripture (from Proclaim)
  • Closing song

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