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YouTube Live setup for Sabbath school and church

  • Go to YouTube live stream page
    • Click the "SCHEDULE STREAM" button at the top right of the screen
    • Click the "CREATE NEW" text at the middle bottom of the pop up dialog
      • Enter the title with the date, for example "Sabbath School and Church 1-30-2021"
      • Enter the stream date
      • Enter the stream time (the start of the first service): 10:00 AM
      • Click the "CREATE STREAM" button on the bottom right of the pop up dialog
    • Click the "EDIT" button in the top right of the screen
    • Add to the description the following
      • Times
        • 10:00 am Sabbath School
          11:30 am Church service
      • Current Sabbath School description
        • [For example] The Sabbath School lesson this week is "To Serve and to Save."
      • Current sermon description
        • [For example] This week's sermon, presented by Scott Begley, is "Managing Jesus?" based on John 11:53, which features our fundamental belief on stewardship.
      • Links and CCLI streaming license statement
    • Scroll down and click the playlist dropdown
      • Select the "Sabbath School" playlist
      • Select the "Church Service" playlist
      • Click "DONE" at the bottom right of the drop down menu
    • Click "SAVE" at the bottom right of the pop up dialog
    • At the bottom left select "Ultra low-latency"
    • To the right toggle off the "Enable DVR"
    • At the bottom of the right column, toggle on "Unlist live replay once stream ends"
    • Toward the top right click the right arrow (share) button
    • At the bottom right of the popup dialog click the copy video link icon to copy stream link
    • Click "CLOSE" at the bottom right of the pop up dialog
  • Go to the Stream forwarding page and paste the copied YouTube link in the "Destination URL (or file upload)" text entry box
    • Toward the bottom left, click the blue "Save" button
  • Test the forwarding link by clicking the following link
    • Make sure the YouTube video page lists the right date and the right start time
    • Check description
  • Go to OneCallNow and login
    • Toward the top center, click the red "CREATE NEW MESSAGE" button
    • Enter in the message subject line
      • Streaming links for Sabbath School and Church
    • Enter in the message body
      • Join us at 10:00am for Sabbath school and at 11:30am for church.
        By phone: call (931) 398-5131
        YouTube Live:
        Facebook Live:
    • Click the "VOICE" tab near the bottom left
      • Toggle off Voice Message near top right
    • Click the "EMAIL" tab near the bottom center
      • Paste the message body over the E-mail body text
    • Click the "CONTACTS>" button at the top right
      • Click the text "Select from List of Groups"
      • Check the box "01: Church Announcements"
      • Click the "Schedule>" button at the top right
      • Click the calendar icon and select the date of the Sabbath school and church service
      • Set the time of 8:55 AM for the Begin Sending time
      • Click the "SCHEDULE" button near the top left

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